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It is vital to ensure your carpet is correctly installed. Although it might seem simple to hire someone to install your new carpet, it is important that you research the industry to ensure that the right people are hired. Incorrect installation will cause you to have more problems and more expensive repairs. Tack strips are the most frequent problem. They cannot hold the extra carpet.

If your carpet is damaged or has buckles or wrinkles, it can be repaired. Expert Carpet and floor Repairs have been correcting carpets wrongly installed since 1972. As a result, homeowners are often unable to walk on large areas of carpet. There’s hope, even in the worst of circumstances. Carpet stretching is a way to make your carpet look new again. This involves ripping the carpet, sealing the seams and then reinstalling it. After that, you will need power-stretch the carpet to reinstall.

Unprofessional companies cannot damage carpets. Carpets can be repaired if they have been damaged by iron burns or pets. Pets, iron burns and rips aren’t the only things that can cause carpet damage.

Are you a Berber flooring owner? If you have Berber floors that need to be replaced, we can help. This is another area that we are specialists in. We would love the chance to discuss your concerns with you and to create a plan for getting it fixed.

To receive a free estimate and to inspect your carpet, please call us today. Even if your carpet is beyond repair we can still repair it. We can repair carpets even if they are damaged beyond repair. Do not allow inexperienced carpet technicians to tell you your carpet needs replacing. We are available 24/7.

We can handle any carpet repair job, no matter how complicated. Many carpets can easily be repaired by applying a patch. For expert carpet repair, contact us today.

Our staff is extremely skilled and can quickly diagnose any problems. We are ready to impress and make your house proud again.