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It is essential to ensure that your carpet is correctly installed. While it may seem simple to hire the first person to put your carpet in, it is essential to research the industry and find the best qualified and most experienced people. Installing carpet incorrectly can cause more problems down the line and cost you more in repairs. Tack strips are the most common problem. They will not hold extra carpet.

Carpet can be restored to its original condition, even if it’s too late or you have carpet buckles and wrinkles. Expert Carpet and Floor Repairs has been fixing carpets incorrectly installed since 1972. These mistakes have led to homeowners slipping on large carpets. Even in the most dire circumstances, there’s still hope. Carpet stretching can restore your carpet’s original beauty. This involves ripping and sealing the seams. You will then need to reinstall it using power-stretching.

Unprofessional companies may also damage carpets. We can repair them. Carpets damaged by pets or iron burns can also be repaired. There are many carpets that have been damaged by iron burns or pets.

Are you a Berber flooring owner? We can assist you if your Berber flooring is damaged. We’re experts in this area and would love to talk to you about your concerns and help you create a plan.

Contact us today for a free estimate. Even if the carpet is beyond repair, we are able to repair it. Many people think their carpet is beyond repair. However, we can restore it to its original condition. Don’t let inexperienced carpet installation professionals tell you that your carpet should be replaced. We are available 24 hours a day.

Although every situation is unique, we can repair most carpets. Most carpets can return to their original condition by simply patching them. Talk to us today to talk with an expert on carpet repair.

Our staff are extremely knowledgeable and can quickly diagnose issues. Our staff is ready to make your home shine again with their knowledge.