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Bad carpet installation can lead you to serious problems. Incorrect installation can result in serious problems. It is possible to have problems with carpeting that has been installed too long or poorly under the baseboards. Carpet stretching problems occur most often after four years. The main reason is that the tacks strips have lost their ability hold on excess carpet.

Every day we do carpet stretching at Duluth. Since 1972, our company has been involved with carpet repairs. Research is key before making carpet repair decisions. Expert Carpet Repair guarantees our work. We use only the best methods to stretch carpet. This guarantees our work. We properly cut the carpet and seal it. Then, we tack the carpet down. The carpet is then power stretched again.

Sometimes you don’t even need to move all your furniture to stretch carpets.

Carpet Repair in Duluth is what we do every day. Poor installation and pet hair can cause carpet damage.

Berber flooring is often questioned by people who are interested in knowing if it can be repaired. Berber carpet restoration is another area in which we are highly skilled. Talk to us about any concerns.

Every situation is unique but we can make it work. Since 1972 we’ve been doing this. Many people believe that they will need to replace the entire carpet. This is false. We will come to your home and provide a free estimate. With simple patching, many carpets can still be repaired to their original condition. Reach out to us today for expert advice.

Our carpet technicians have uniforms and are insured. We can solve most problems in less than an hour. We want your satisfaction and peace of mind.